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Available Grants

  • To run a range of activities accessible to young people from deprived backgrounds in areas that have high indices of deprivation including poverty, crime, lack of cohesion, child poverty education and health.

  • Targeting young people who are not engaging or attending school and considered at risk of exploitation and being groomed by gangs who would never have the opportunity without this project due to lack of funds.

  • Target area - Slough, Chalvey, Britwell and Colnbrook. These areas have higher than national averages for BME population, child poverty, poor health, crime/ASB, lack of cohesion and poor educational attainment.

  • Build cohesion across groups as they play/work/learn together in our sessions, breaking down barriers and introduce youth to different cultures, religions and ways of life.

  • Help reach their full potential at earliest possible stage by engaging them to divert from crime/ASB and introducing them to new skills, building confidence, communication/life/social skills and tackle mental/physical health issues and teach life skills. 



My Outdoor Adventure 

 A Community Interest Company (CIC)


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